Rhodes Town 45′ Mini Cruise….just 5€ per person.

The view of Rhodes Town is beautiful from any angle. The view of Rhodes Town from the sea however, is spectacular!

Passing the new Marina, with sailing boats and luxury yachts moored within, and the Commercial harbour, you get your first glimpse of the moat walls.

As the Mediaeval City comes into view, one is filled with a sense of wonder. How was it built? Who did it protect? What was it like to live there?

Knights, swords, battles, marauders, cannons, horses. . . . . . the list goes on.

Colona harbour is spread out in front of the towers that guard the entrance into the Old Town. From the smallest fishing boat skipper to the passengers off the mightiest cruise ship, people fill the boardwalk with colours, laughter and life.

From the times of Mussolini there are the majestic official buildings lining the route from the tree-lined promenade along the harbour to Elli beach.

Featured in many old films, The Grande Auberge hotel housing the Casino commands an imposing position on Elli beach, leading to the northernmost tip of the island where the Aquarium nestles, braving the elements and the tousled waves where East meets West.

As the boat turns into Mandraki harbour you see the old and the new, the land and the sea, the quaint and the classy: The boats, the windmills and the Castle of the Knights of St. John towering above the new market.     

Add the green foliage, the sun and the sky and you have the perfect picture!

These cruises run throughout the day and tickets can be purchased as you board. The price per person is just 5€